As winter began to take hold,

He sat by the fire and a story he told,

Of five roses full of beauty and grace,

That in his heart held a special place.


The first was a yellow rose that grew,

With petals that sparkled all the year through,

It brought joy and delight to the heart,

But sadly all too soon the rose had depart.


And then came an unusual sight,

A peach rose began to grow in the moon light,

It was always extremely strong and steady,

And it petals did not fall until it was ready.


Soon a beautiful rose appeared,

And its white petals were deeply revered,

It was so pure and heavenly sent,

That the skies wept when it untimely went.


A pink rose then gracefully arrived,

With gentle determination it thrived,

It held strong and proud for all to see,

Beautifully admired it would always be.


Then came a rose the most magical of all,

Its beauty and wisdom could easily enthral,

Red petals of courage and love,

A wondrous blessing sent from above.


With words of fondness he would tell,

Of their beautiful colours and wonderful smells,

With words spoken from his heart,

Our memories of the roses will now never depart.





This poem was written for my Grandfather. Both his Grandmothers were named Rose, as was his mother, his sister and his wife.


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