The swirling mist inside the glass pulled me into a trance and it took all my self control to tear my gaze away from the mirror. Once I had broken free from its thrall, I quickly covered it with a dark cloth. That did the trick; I no longer felt the irresistible urge to peer into its depths to find my reflection but I could hear its pleading whisper. I shivered as I felt the cool air in the stone walled basement.

‘Your Majesty?’  A familiar voice came from the doorway.  I’d been so consumed with the mirror that I hadn’t heard anyone approach.

‘Hewy, how many times do I have to tell you? It’s Eira.’ I turned around with a smile. Hewy stood at the entrance of basement, his glasses sitting crookedly on his nose as usual. His dark hair curled around his forehead.

‘The Council is about to begin,’ he paused for a moment, ‘will you be joining us Eira?’

‘Yes, I will be along shortly,’ I gave him another smile. I was glad he had called me by my name.

Hewy’s eyes slowly travelled over to the mirror, and I knew he was hearing it call to him. I loudly cleared my throat and Hewy’s whole body shuddered at the sound. He cast me an embarrassed glance before he dashed through the large doorway and I heard his feet thud up the stone stairs.

Covering the mirror with a piece of cloth wasn’t enough. Anyone who got close to it felt drawn to it. I couldn’t keep it here, not when I knew that it had this much sway over everyone. I had been through so much because of this mirror, it had caused my step-mother Mallory to turn against me and try to kill me. I now knew that the Mallory had been convinced by the mirror that I was a threat, not just to her but the whole Kingdom. It had fooled her into believing that I was intent on bringing darkness into the world.

I had to get rid of the manipulative talking object, but there was something about the mirror that made it too difficult to part with. There was no way to destroy it either. I needed to figure out who had sent the mirror as a wedding gift to Mallory, maybe then I could finally free us from it.


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